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TASJEEL Select Plus card
TASJEEL Select Plus card

TASJEEL Select Plus is an innovative pre-paid cashless payment system which offers the ultimate in efficiency and convenience to fleet managers looking to control spiralling vehicle testing, registration and repair costs.

The debit Select Plus card can be used to pay for inspection and vehicle registration costs at any TASJEEL centre <link to Locations page> in Dubai, Ras al Khaimah, Khor Fakkan, Al Dhaid, Hatta and Kalba.

Customers can use their debit Select Plus card in Sharjah to pay for inspection costs, while other transaction fees need to be paid in cash in Sharjah only

The cashless payment system reduces risks associated with cash handling and the hassle of expense claims, and financially-aware fleet managers are able to set individual credit limits for each to keep costs in check.  With monthly reporting, as well as timely updates via SMS, Select Plus offers a superior level of budgetary control for cost-conscious managers.

Select Plus is safe and secure and uses up-to-date technology to embed cardholder details within a chip on the card for added compliance.  Fleet customers can opt for a prepaid Debit Select card. Fleet customers can also opt for the credit facility without credit cards.

As well as a multitude of benefits, Select Plus customers can also enjoy priority test lanes and dedicated registration counters to make their visit to TASJEEL as fast as possible.

The following documents are required to open a Select Plus account:

  • Debit signed form
  • Copy of current valid trade licence
  • Initial card top-up of AED200, which includes an AED25 administration fee.

Contact our specialist Fleet advisors today to set up a Select Plus account, and start controlling motoring costs.

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