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Corporate and Social Responsibility Initiatives
Winter Awareness Campaign

Many winters weather related vehicle accidents are a result of a handful of bad driving habits or road conditions. The campaign will aim to reduce drivers speed, making gentle movements and staying focused make a big difference in reducing accidents. Adding to that; tips about ensuring your vehicle is set for winter.

Summer Safety Campaign - My Vehicle My responsibility

Sharjah Police raised an awareness on how to maintain the safety of the driver and the vehicle, on violating traffic rules which will lead to a deadly consequence, also on their services and vehicle checking which are available in Tasjeel - Sharjah.

Back to School Campaign

To help capitalize on back to school, we embraced this opportunity and ensured we engage our audiences on digital channels and interact with them. Back to school Campaign was held by Tasjeel, Dubai Police and Autopro, we will also use it to help our audience by showcasing our products, find ways to become a helpful resource for our audience and a simple way to do this is to offer back-to-school tips.

Drugs Awareness Campaign

No criminal proceedings shall be instituted against any abuser of nar-cotics or psychotropic substances or applicable articles of the second paragraph of Article (12) of Federal Decree-Law No. 30/2021 on combat-ing narcotics and psychotropic substances if the abuser voluntarily presents himself or is presented by his/her spouse or one of his/her rel-atives to the second degree to an addiction treatment unit, the Public Prosecution or the police requesting treatment in the unit. The abuser shall remain in the unit until it takes the decision to release him.

TASJEEL helps used car buyers avoid pitfalls
TASJEEL has introduced an independent test designed especially to help second hand car buyers and sellers carry out transactions with confidence.  The Comprehensive Vehicle Test is designed to evaluate used cars and can provide peace of mind for buyers that the vehicle they plan to buy is roadworthy.  It can also help sellers identify any issues prior to sale which may impact on the resale value of the vehicle.
TASJEEL partners with Sharjah Police in road safety initiative

Many motorists appear to be unaware that by law they need to test and register their semi-trailers annually.

TASJEEL therefore hosted a successful road safety awareness campaign for semi-trailers with the Sharjah Police. It took place in Khorfakkan and the Northern Emirates.

Motorists were able to bring their semi-trailers to the centre to get them tested and registered, all in one single visit. Saving a lot of time for drivers.


This campaign helped educate motorists and Sharjah Police were delighted to be able to improve safety on the roads.

‘My Vehicle, My Responsibility’; TASJEEL assists Sharjah Police with vehicle registration campaign

TASJEEL and Sharjah Police carried out a joint awareness campaign entitled ‘My Vehicle, My Responsibility’ from January 2- February 2, 2018 to encourage motorists to register their vehicles on time.  Sharjah Police carried out spot-checks across Sharjah, and if a vehicle had not had its registration renewed, motorists were provided with an educational leaflet to raise awareness of the requirement to get their car registered.

During the campaign, all motorists visiting TASJEEL Sharjah Auto Village and availing of the VIP registration service were entered into a draw with a chance of winning the latest iPhone each week.

TASJEEL receives Sharjah Police Strategic Partnership award
TASJEEL was honoured by Sharjah Police during GCC Gulf Traffic Week 2017 for their commitment to road safety awareness with a Strategic Partnership Award.  TASJEEL visited Sharjah University as part of a road safety awareness campaign, and showcased new initiatives including several newly-opened sites, and a Reading Corner at Sharjah Auto Village.